10k to Half Marathon in 8 weeks – Week 1 Review

Although I didn’t quite stick to the original plan this week, I managed to get all of my sessions in and I’m happy that the plan seems to be manageable within my current level of fitness. I’m feeling all of the expected aches and pains but nothing out of the ordinary or injury like so far which is very good news.

If you haven’t already, check out the introduction in the 10k to Half Marathon in 8 weeks series.

Tuesday – 3.1 Miles Inc Hills

I completed this session on the Monday rather than the Tuesday, and I’d actually been out for the run before I put my plan together. Since I’d allocated the long slow run to Sundays, I decided to put Mondays down as a rest day in future weeks and put this session in on the Tuesday.

Thursday – INTERVALS 10x1min off 1min

When I first read about intervals I didn’t understand how they were written down, so I’ll explain it here to avoid any confusion. As I’m sure you can work out, intervals are made up of individual periods of running, a faster section followed by a slower section. So when I write 10x1min it means I’ll be running 10 faster paced intervals each lasting for a duration of 1 minute. The ‘off’ piece just defines the duration of the slower recovery interval between each of the faster sections. So ’10x1min off 1min’ equates to running at my faster pace for one minute followed by a slower recovery section lasting one minute. I’ll then repeat this 10 times.

Intervals are always quite gruelling and this set was no exception. You’re pushing yourself on each of the fast intervals so even when you’re improving, you’ll still be pushing yourself next time you run them.

I’ve included the pace chart from my week 1 interval session below:

10k to Half Marathon in 8 weeks – Week 1 – Intervals
As recorded during training

Saturday – Easy 3.1 Miles

My Saturday session is actually made up of running at my local parkrun. I’ll not be going for any PBs here while I’m following my plan, but it’s easy to get carried away, especially on that final sprint for the line!

Sunday – LSR 6.8 Miles

The Long Slow Run (LSR) is here for increasing milage past my previous longest runs. Your body makes many different physiological adaptations to meet the needs of running longer distances, from building new capillary beds to pumping more blood per beat of the heart. By keeping these runs at a slower pace, probably between 45 – 90 seconds per mile slower, your body is able to perform these upgrades without being overloaded.

Rather than stick to my well thought out plan, I had signed up to a 10k race (read about it here) so rather that a long slow 6.8 miles I actually performed a high effort 6.2 miles. This wasn’t ideal, and the additional training I had been doing actually seemed to hinder my performance in the race. No more races until after the half marathon!

All in all a good week, but a lesson learned and I must get that LSR in this week.

7 Weeks to go!

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