10k to Half Marathon in 8 Weeks – Week 5 Review

It’s starting to get a little bit real now. Week 5 is in the bag and I’ve only got two more long runs before the half marathon.

I think I’m prepared… Actually, I know I’m prepared, and from a fitness point of view I’m confident I’ve got those 13.1 miles in my legs.

If you haven’t already, check out the introduction and previous weekly reviews in the 10k to Half Marathon in 8 weeks series.

My only concern is the knee pain I’ve had during my long runs. I mentioned it in last weeks review and it came back again this week. As soon as I hit around 7 miles a gentle pain kicks which increases and doesn’t let up until I stop running. I made sure to give it a good stretch out this week once I’d stopped and other than being a bit tight for around 36 hours after, it hasn’t given me any more trouble.

Tuesday – 3.1 Miles Inc Hills

To be on the safe side I knocked the Hill session on the head again this week and replaced it with some strengthening exercises as follows:

  • Side leg raises
  • Clamshells
  • Single leg bridges with pelvic raise
  • Pistol Squats
  • Hip drops
I did three sets of each of these with a varying number of repetitions depending on the exercise. I’ll also be trying to fit in some extra sessions of these on my rest days.

Thursday – INTERVALS 10x1min off 1min

Missing that Tuesday session seemed to steal some of my mojo, and knowing it was an interval session didn’t help! I kicked myself out the door and although it was a tough session I felt good afterwards.

Saturday – Easy 3.1 Miles

I went out intending to have a nice easy run with my parkrun buddies, but after a couple of chats about times and PB’s I talked myself into going for it. My knee felt fine so all thoughts of the previous Sunday went out of my head. Yes, I got the PB, and I was really pleased, but it can’t of helped things. This week I’ll stay strong and just enjoy the run. Promise.

Sunday – LSR 9.9 Miles

It was a really hot morning, and I should’ve got out a bit earlier to try and beat the heat, but loaded up with water and jelly babies I hit the road. I’d planned my route out in advance and although I hadn’t run it before I was fairly confident I knew where I was going. The only thing I hadn’t checked was the elevation and that was probably for the best.

10k to Half Marathon in 8 weeks – Week 5 – LSR (10 Miles)
As recorded during training

At the time I didn’t realise it was such a long incline until I got home a looked at the stats. That first hill just goes on and on. I did however notice the hill about three quarters of the way in as it came out of nowhere. The views once you get to the top however are worth it!

Hill View
Hill View

Other than the knee pain which I’ve already talked about, it was another really enjoyable run. Fingers crossed the next one will be a little more pain free.

3 Weeks to go!

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