10k to Half Marathon in 8 Weeks – Week 6 Review

If I’m going to hit my target for this half marathon it’s time to get serious. And by serious, I mean a major change to the training plan.

After hoping that my 7 mile plus knee pain would go away by itself, I’ve decided the best thing for me to do is to take a 7 – 10 day rest through week 7.

If you haven’t already, check out the introduction and previous weekly reviews in the 10k to Half Marathon in 8 weeks series.

This is quite a step more than the planned tapering (more on this next week) but I’m fairly sure it’s the best thing to do (see my blog Know when to run and know when to rest). I just can’t help but think I could be compromising my overall fitness for race day.

We all know rest is a very important part of training. If you’re pounding out those miles without it the body isn’t getting time to repair the muscles, ligaments and tendons that are getting fatigued. The lungs need time to adapt and increase in capacity and your body needs to top up its spent glycogen levels. I’d incorporated rest days into my plan to try and allow all of these things to happen, but I feel my knee needs something more.

Although I’ve tried to keep my milage increases sensible and I’ve monitored this with the planned long run distances, it seems that my shorter distances have also creeped up without me really noticing. This in combination with other changes when things haven’t quite gone to plan has led to a greater than 10% increase over a few of the last six weeks.

The graph below shows my weekly ‘time on feet’ which is probably the best measure of the increased strain on my body.

10k to Half Marathon in 8 weeks – Weekly Time on Feet
As recorded during training

Compare this to the next graph which shows the ideal 10% weekly increase that I would have preferred. I don’t quite make it to the same peak of around 180 minutes, but add in the 10% increase from the week I’ll be resting and you get there.

10k to Half Marathon in 8 weeks – Ideal Time on Feet

Without dwelling on this too much (there’ll be plenty of time for that in next weeks review without any running this week!) let’s get back to the week 6 review and see how I got on.

Tuesday – 3.1 Miles Inc Hills

As per last week, this became an extra rest day with the running replaced with strengthening exercises. I’ll put these here again for reference:

  • Side leg raises
  • Clamshells
  • Single leg bridges with pelvic raise
  • Pistol Squats
  • Hip drops

I went for three sets of each of these with a varying number of repetitions depending on the exercise.

Thursday – TEMPO 20min

6 mile run over 50 minutes incorporating the tempo session between around 2.5 miles and 5.0 miles. Probably not the 20 minute block I was going for but not too far off.

Saturday – Easy 3.1 Miles

Taking extra note of the knee problems I made sure there were no PB’s in sight at this weeks parkrun. Still great to get out and run with others though and chat in the café afterwards.

Sunday – LSR 11 Miles

This week I got out fairly early to beat the heat as it was another hot day. Not such a hilly route this time but still a decent climb around 4 miles in for just over a mile. My knee lasted longer than in previous weeks but still became sore quite a way from the target distance. I found a slight change to my running form alleviated the pain, although steep downhill sections were still a problem. Hopefully this will help me in the half marathon should I need it. Made it the full 11 miles with lots more in the legs, if not in the knee.

2 Weeks to go, but almost complete rest next week.

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