10k to Half Marathon in 8 Weeks – Wrap up

It’s been a couple of weeks now since the half marathon and I’m happy to report that I made it round in one piece. Just.

I always knew that 8 weeks was going to be a tight timescale to increase my running distance from 10k to 13.1 miles and although I wasn’t able to stick exactly to my plan, I didn’t deviate too far and it got me just about where I wanted to be – within a few minutes of my upper target time.

If you haven’t already, check out the introduction and week one review in the 10k to Half Marathon in 8 weeks series.

I’ll be reviewing the race separately to this update, so here I’ll be concentrating on how the plan related to race day, and any tips I’ve learnt that I’ll be taking forward to future races.

Actual training vs The Plan:

I’ve highlighted the changes to the original plan in red. As you can see, the biggest changes occurred in the second half.

WK Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
1 3.1 Miles Inc Hills REST REST INTERVALS 10x1min off 1min REST Easy
3.1 Miles
2 REST 3.1 Miles Inc Hills REST 5.0 Miles
Slow Run
3.1 Miles
7.4 Miles
3 REST 3.1 Miles Inc Hills REST INTERVALS 10x1min off 1min REST Easy
3.1 Miles
8.1 Miles
4 REST 3.1 Miles Inc Hills REST REST TEMPO
3.1 Miles
9.0 Miles
5 REST REST REST INTERVALS 10x1min off 1min REST Easy
3.1 Miles
9.9 Miles
6 REST REST REST Medium 6 Miles REST Easy
3.1 Miles
10.9 Miles
8 REST Easy 3.1 Miles REST Medium 3.1 Miles REST Easy 3.1 Miles REST
I’m glad to say that the rest appeared to do the trick, and although I was constantly conscious about any twinge in my knee as I was running, I made the distance with out any reoccurrence of the pain I’d previously been experiencing at the 7 miles.

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet

From all the things I’ve learnt, the biggest one would be that, for me, the idea of only running 85-90% of the race distance in training didn’t produce the best results. On race day I reached around 12 miles (just over my maximum training distance) and then I struggled. Granted it was around the time the course hit a couple of killer hills, but I still think I would have coped much better with these had I trained up to, and maybe past, the 13 mile mark. This goes back in a way to something I wrote about in week 2 concerning how well you want to run the race. If I’d been running the race at a similar pace to my training runs it might have been OK, but on the day I targeted a time which pushed me over and above this. Next time I’m racing for a new distance I’ll make sure I get up to the total milage in training.


I had A, B and C targets for the race and I’m delighted that I was able to come so close to hitting the top level of these, especially considering both the short timescale and also having to take a week away from the plan. Yes, I’ll be tweaking how I do things for my next jump in distance, we’re constantly learning after all, but my plan definitely did a great job for me.

Watch out for my next post which will be the actual race review!

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