About Me

I’m Paul, a thirty-something runner who came to the sport late and is trying to make up for lost time. I’m a regular parkrunner and also run with my local club.

After spending over 30 years with an aversion to strenuous exercise, in 2013 I started running. Not very far initially, but I slowly added extra time to my run week by week and quite enjoyed it. I built up my fitness to a point where I could run for 25 minutes, which at the time was quite an achievement, but unfortunately not long after this milestone I stopped running. I can’t remember why, but it did teach teach me an important lesson – don’t stop!

After starting again in 2015 I slowly built up to being able to run 5k, at which point I nervously visited my local parkrun, not really sure what I was going to find. On that first visit, I turned up, ran my 5k, and quickly departed. Thankfully, the second time I visited I took the time to sit down for a chat afterwards, and I found a great group of runners. It was this community that kept me coming back week after week and really made the running stick this time.

After running my first marathon in 2016 in a little under four hours, my current goal is to achieve a Good For Age (GFA) time for the London Marathon, which is currently 03:05:00. If and when I achieve this I will set my sights towards a sub 03:00 marathon.

You can follow me on twitter @thisgeekruns for running related tweets and also on Instagram at instagram.com/thisgeekruns.