Paul is the geek behind thisgeekruns. After starting running in 2015 he soon took part in his first 5k race and now runs anything from 5k to marathon distance. He created thisgeekruns to share his discoveries as a runner, hopefully helping others along the way.

How To Avoid Running Goal Creep


When I crossed the finish line of my last marathon I felt a number of different emotions. Achievement, joy, relief. One thing I didn’t feel at the time was disappointment. But after I’d taken the medal from around my neck, and finished the complementary beer (alcohol free, obviously!) I started feeling that maybe I should’ve done better. I’d set myself …

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Race Report: Manchester Marathon 2017

Manchester Marathon 2017 Medal

I travelled up to Manchester by car on the Saturday, my nervousness getting a boost along the way from the roadside boards warning of road closures and delays, and arrived at my reasonably priced hotel in the late afternoon. After checking in and getting settled, I set about consuming my final carbs in the form of jacket potatoes, before unpacking …

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Marathon Training – just like baking a cake

Marathon Training

Yes, yes, I know, it’s been a couple of months since my last marathon training update, but it has been tough finding all the time to squeeze the training in around everyday life, let alone write about it, so unfortunately the updates had to go on the back burner until now. I’m not going to document every single session here, …

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Training: 5th December – 11th December 2016

Training Review

After a good week last week building the mileage I was happy to complete another week with a good increase again. I’m being sensible with the increases and I’m factoring in weeks with reduced distance to try and avoid any injury. We’ll see how this works. Training Monday: Rest Day It’s sounds a bit odd that I look forward to …

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Running Christmas Gift List 2016

Christmas Gift List 2017

Although I’ve already eaten a large chunk of the Christmas supplies, there is still over a week until Christmas. Plenty of time to get that runner in your life a Christmas gift they’ll love! I may or may not be leaving this list here as a hint towards what I hope arrives under the tree come Christmas day, but even …

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Running by Heart Rate

Running by Heart Rate

When I was putting my latest marathon plan together I came up against the tricky issue of pacing. My plan is made up of different types of sessions run at different paces from recovery pace to long run pace, half marathon and marathon pace, and so on. So the big question became, how do I know what these paces should …

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Marathon Training: 28th November – 4th December 2016


The uncertainty of the various marathon ballots has cleared and I made it through to… no marathons! This only fuels my determination to build my running to a level where I can submit a good for age application and ride the marathon train all the way to London, Berlin, Boston, et al. However, lets not get ahead of ourselves as …

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Petzl Tikka RXP Headtorch Review

Petzl Tikka RXP Headtorch

For evening runs, especially in the winter, a headtorch is an essential piece of a runners kit, both to see and also be seen. When I was looking at the different headtorches available the most important thing to take into account was how much light (lumens) I'd need for my use. In general more lumens means a higher cost. I …

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Do running shoes really only last 300 miles?

New Balance 860v5

When buying running shoes I’m always given the 300/400/500 (delete as appropriate) miles warning about getting a new pair. Even Strava reminds me I might need new running shoes soon when the miles creep up into this sort of range. So, is it a clever marketing tactic from the manufactures? After all I have running friends who tell me they’re …

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Marathon Training: 7th – 27th November 2016

Marathon Training Shoes

Summary: The plan for these three weeks was to build mileage in preparation for starting my marathon plan on a good footing. I’d hoped to get in 38 miles, 43 miles and 48 miles but after some ankle niggles at the end of week two I scaled the third week back and only clocked up 42 miles. Not quite what …

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