Autumn and Winter Training

It’s been a busy summer and unfortunately I haven’t had much time to blog about my progress since making my optimistic (and possibly a little silly) declaration about running a sub 3 hour marathon, but I’m still determined to get there.

Having recently entered a few races which I also took part in last year, I’ve now got a good benchmark of my improvement over the last 12 months for both 10k and half marathon distances. For the 10k I’ve seen an improvement of just over 4 minutes and for the half marathon around 8 minutes. Although I’m very happy with these improvements I also know I still have a long way to go.

And so to winter training…

Last year I started my training for the Manchester marathon in January, and although I felt overall it went fairly well, I did have some small injuries and niggles which I put down to pushing myself to distances I’d never reached before. I’m hoping that this year with that bit more experience, and also a summer of successfully increasing mileage, I can complete a much more aggressive training program and then put in a good performance in whichever spring Marathon I choose.

It’s a no from London

Like many others I once again entered the ballot for the Virgin London Marathon, and once again I received the dreaded ‘you have been unsuccessful’ magazine. As this was almost expected I’d already been checking out a few other spring marathons to draw up a short list. I enjoy the atmosphere of a crowd and this was a big help getting me around Manchester last year so I’ve been looking at the big city events. As this will still only be my second marathon I think I’ll definitely need that extra help again!

As for the sub 3 hour marathon, I’ll hopefully have a much better idea about how close or far away that’ll be for me after April. The original aim was to get close in either 2018 or 2019 and I see no reason why that wouldn’t still be possible.

Right, time to start looking at putting that winter training plan together!

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