Race Reports

Race Report: Manchester Marathon 2017

I travelled up to Manchester by car on the Saturday, my nervousness getting a boost along the way from the roadside boards warning of road closures and delays, and arrived at my reasonably priced hotel in the late afternoon. After checking in and getting settled, I set about consuming my final carbs in the form of jacket potatoes, before unpacking my kit for the following day.

Race Day Kit

Everything prepared I had plenty of time to obsess over the following day for a while, before a final check that my two alarms were set and then off to bed.
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Race Review: Manchester Marathon 2016

My training for the Manchester Marathon had been what I’d call mixed at best. Illness and injury had stolen the best part of four weeks training including two of my longest runs. I’d managed a single 20 miler which hadn’t gone amazingly well, but I think it was essential to have this experience and the knowledge that I could cover the distance.


Travelling from Kent up to Manchester can be a bit of a marathon in itself, but luckily I had the traffic on my side and the journey was fairly uneventful. Once checked into the hotel my first job was double checking I had all my kit with me. This ritual involves laying each item out in order and double checking everything is as it should be. Once complete it was off out to a local Italian for a pre-race pizza dinner before setting the alarm and settling down for an early night. That would have been the ideal scenario anyway. As it turned out I couldn’t sleep and so I ended up watching a couple of hours of the golf highlights before finally getting off to sleep.

Early Start

Beep. Beep. Beep. It had been a bit of a restless night, but now wasn’t the time to worry about that. First things first, I needed to get breakfast sorted. The morning before a marathon isn’t the time to try anything new so I stuck with my tried and tested routine of two slices of toast covered with lots of Nutella. After this I had half an hour to myself get ready before putting everything I needed into my race bag (I have a list for this) and heading out the door.

Frosty Manchester Morning
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Race Review: Deal Half Marathon

Being a stereotypical Brit I’m always checking the weather leading up to race day and the week before the Deal Half Marathon was no exception. I’m not really sure why I do it, after all it’s completely out of my control, changes almost by the hour, and I’ll be running rain or shine anyway, so a quick look on the morning of a race to decide if gloves or a long sleeved top are required is all that’s really needed.

Anyway, enough talking about the weather. Let’s just say I wasn’t too pleased when I checked the forecast race day morning and saw a cold and snowy day ahead!

Deal Half Marathon Weather

I made my way to Betteshanger Country Park, formally Fowlmead Country Park, just off the A258 near Deal, prepared for my first half marathon since the disaster that was the Folkestone Half five months ago in September last year. Read More »

Race Review: Folkestone Half Marathon 2015

This race was a little while ago now so it maybe a bit short on detail, but I’ll do my best to cover the main points and let you know what I thought.

Being my second half marathon I had a bit more confidence in the lead up to the Folkestone Half as I at least knew that I could cover the distance, even though the final couple of miles of my first half marathon at the Canterbury Half had been a bit of a struggle! Read More »

Race Review: Wingham 10k 2015

In 2014 the future of the Wingham 10k wasn’t looking good. For the previous 26 years the race had been hosted by the Wingham Trotters, the local running club, but now no one was stepping forward to take on management of the race. Read More »

Race Review: Canterbury Half Marathon 2015

Just 8 weeks before the Canterbury Half Marathon the furthest I’d run in a single session was 10k, or 6.2 miles for those of you working in imperial measurements. Initially the idea of running over double this was quite daunting, but as the weeks went on, and my long run milage slowly increased, I was definitely warming to the idea! Read More »

Race Review: Herne Bay 10k 2015

It had been just over 4 weeks since I took part in the Charing 10k and I was definitely ready for another race. My previous knee problems were under control and after a couple of weeks of building up the miles, I felt I’d able to have a good go at the Herne Bay 10k. Read More »

Race Review: Whitstable 10k 2015

So there I was, standing in a crowd of around 700 others, all of us checking our shoes and fiddling with buttons on watches and phones. Lots of little things were running though my head. Are my laces too tight, is the timing chip facing the right way up, make sure you don’t start off too fast, did I drink enough water, did I drink too much water. But then, all of a sudden, it was too late. Read More »