Marathon Training: 7th – 27th November 2016

Summary: The plan for these three weeks was to build mileage in preparation for starting my marathon plan on a good footing. I’d hoped to get in 38 miles, 43 miles and 48 miles but after some ankle niggles at the end of week two I scaled the third week back and only clocked up 42 miles. Not quite what I wanted, but a good base to take into the first week of marathon training. I’ve adjusted the mileage down that I’ll be doing for the first four weeks so that I’m not increasing too quickly off a lower base.

All three weeks looked similar so I won’t go into too much detail:

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: Speed Work – Varied from 400 reps, 1k reps and hill work plus warm up / warm down.

Wednesday: Recovery Run – Slooowww

Thursday: Aerobic Run – About 8-9 miles

Friday: Recovery Run – Easy 6 miles

Saturday: parkrun – plus a bit extra – 6 miles ish

Sunday: Long Run – 14-16 miles

I’ll put more detail into the training posts now that I’m following a specific marathon training plan.

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