Marathon Training: 28th November – 4th December 2016

The uncertainty of the various marathon ballots has cleared and I made it through to… no marathons! This only fuels my determination to build my running to a level where I can submit a good for age application and ride the marathon train all the way to London, Berlin, Boston, et al. However, lets not get ahead of ourselves as there is still a long way to go (figuratively and literally) until we reach that nirvana. But you’re all still with me, right? Great! Let’s get on with it…

With plenty of big city marathons to choose from this spring there’s no reason not to get stuck right into our marathon training!

First official week of Marathon Training

The plan looks a little daunting on the calendar stretching over so many weeks! We’ll just take it in weekly chunks and I’m sure everything will be OK…

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 8 miles with the middle 4 miles at half marathon pace.
Struggling to decide on the pace for each of the different types of run. Think I went a little above half marathon pace on this one.

Wednesday: Medium Long Run – 10 Miles
I’m finding the mid-week long runs the toughest – need to mix these up somehow.

Thursday: Recovery Run – 6.5 Miles
Easy to get carried away on these recovery runs but I need to keep them slow or else I’m likely to fatigue with all these extra miles.

Friday: Aerobic Run – 5.5 Miles
Ran this to a specific heart rate and enjoyed it. The hardest bit was keeping a check on my heart rate.

Saturday: parkrun – Recovery Run – 3.1 miles
Love parkrun!

Sunday: Long Run – 15.2 Miles
More big miles in the bag. Felt good although a few little niggles in my right leg. Will keep an eye on these.

Total for the week – 48.3 miles.

Let me know how you’re getting on with your plans. Have you entered any events yet?

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