New Balance 860v5 Review

The 860v5 are New Balance‘s latest take on their 860 range, a well cushioned shoe featuring moderate stability. I must disclose that I’m in no way a running shoe expert, but I am using these as my go-to shoes, and having now clocked up over 100 miles in them I can give you an honest review.

Mind those toes

Prior to converting to New Balance, I was always happy with my Asics, but as I started increasing my weekly milage I developed a dull pain in my big toes after any longish run. After a few days of trying to work out what the problem was, I noticed that my toes were rubbing against the top side of the toe box. Over time my toe actually made a break for it and wore through the top fabric of the shoe! And before you suggest I was wearing too small a size, I double checked, and definitely had the recommended thumbs width of space between my toes and the front of the shoe.

New Balance 860v5 Review

So the search was on for some new shoes which gave me a little extra space up top. After trying on about nine different pairs from various different brands, I hit upon the 860v5 from New Balance. For whatever reason, the NB shoe wizards decided to create a slightly taller toe box, which makes these a winner for me. It obviously takes more than just a toe box to make a decent running shoe, but in my opinion they’ve hit the mark with the rest too.


New Balance use what they call a T-Beam for “rigidity and torsional stability”, which in real terms gives extra support to the arches, and they have created a sole with just the right level of cushioning for a stability shoe, especially for a heal striker like me.

New Balance 860v5 Review

And being a slightly wider fit than some brands of shoe, the mid lacing ties, which also work in combination with the arch support, are great for locking your foot in place while still remaining comfortable.

I should also give a mention to the breathable air mesh at the front which is there to help your feet stay cool, works like a charm and is showing no sign of wearing through just yet!

Sizing & Pricing

The New Balance shoes come up slightly smaller that my previous Asics, but with half sizes readily available this wasn’t a problem, and if you need an even wider fit there are version in a 2E width too.

With the RRP currently at £100 they are not at the cheap end of the running shoe market, but then neither are they the most expensive, and if you shop around you can get them for a little bit less.

All About The Colours

The shoe is available in three different colour ways – Silver with Optic Blue, Electric Blue with Dark Sapphire and Grey with Hi-Lite & Silver. The pictures here are showing the Electric Blue with Dark Sapphire, which is probably my favourite of the three – not over the top with the colours, but just enough of a pop of yellow.

New Balance 860v5 Review

Being quite a fan of these shoes at the moment I also brought them in the Grey with Hi-Lite & Silver when I spotted them in a sale recently. How many running shoes is too many again?!

Conclusion & Rating

I’m really happy with my 860v5’s and find them to be a very comfortable shoe. When I’m running, I generally lace them up and don’t give them another thought until I’m taking them back off again – exactly what I want. They aren’t a trendy almost-not-there shoe and as such aren’t particularly light either, but for someone like me who wants the extra stability and cushioning this type of shoe provides, they are ideal. In fact, I’m struggling to find much fault with them at the moment.

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